I use crypto currency because of...

Transaction speed

If you want to send someone money in the World, there are few ways to move money or assets from one account to another faster than you can with cryptocurrency. Most transactions at World. Financial institutions settle in three to five days. A wire transfer usually takes at least 24 hours. Stock trades settle in three days.

But one of the advantages of cryptocurrency transactions is that they can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once the block with your transaction in it is confirmed by the network, it's fully settled and the funds are available to use.

Transaction costs

The cost of transacting in cryptocurrency is relatively low compared to other financial services. For example, it's not uncommon for a domestic wire transfer to cost $25 or $30. Sending money internationally can be even more expensive.

Cryptocurrency transactions are usually less expensive. However, you should note that demand on the blockchain can increase transaction costs. Even so, median transaction fees remain lower than wire transfer fees even on the most congested blockchains.


Anyone can use cryptocurrency. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. The process of setting up a cryptocurrency wallet is extremely fast compared to opening an account at a traditional financial institution. There's no ID verification. There's no background or credit check.

Cryptocurrency offers a way for the unbanked to access financial services without having to go through a centralized authority. There are many reasons a person may be unable or unwilling to get a traditional bank account. Using cryptocurrency can allow people who don't use traditional banking services to easily make online transactions or send money to loved ones.

My wallets

My USDT wallet
Tether USD (ERC20, BEP20)
Wallet 0xf3a0038fdab980db0e1279f8c668b0aa5ca19843
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My EUROT wallet
Euro Tether (ERC20)
Wallet 0xf3a0038fdab980db0e1279f8c668b0aa5ca19843
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My BNB wallet
Binance Coin (BEP20)
Wallet 0xf3a0038fdab980db0e1279f8c668b0aa5ca19843
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